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British Petroleum was established in Iran under the name British Persian Oil Company. Later, the management team changed the company name to Anglo Iranian Oil Company.

MyBPCreditcard is a credit card offered and provided by Synchrony Bank. The card offers the users numerous advantages after registering on the official portal.

MyBPCreditcard Online Application

Just decided to register for MyBPCreditcard? Are you impressed with the incredible benefits that are offered by this card? In that case, register on the portal. To apply for this card, follow the steps listed:-

  • Visit MyBPCreditcard at to start your application process on the official portal.
  • Hit the credit card options.
  • Check the information on the card.
  • Choose the card that’s right for you.
  • Click the “Apply Now” button.
  • The portal will now display you a list of terms and conditions. Just go through them and give your consent regarding the same.
  • Complete the process by providing the required details.

You will receive MyBPCreditcard at your address within 10 business days. In case you don’t receive the card within 10 days of your application process, reach out to our customer support center to inquire about the same.

MyBPCreditCard stands for My British Petroleum Credit Card. It is often used to complete and instead make payments for other transactions. Many refund offers are incorporated in the payment with the MyBPCredit card that is offered by Banco Sincronía.

The MyBPCreditcard is a great option for people using a credit card at regular intervals. Would you like more information on how to sign up for MyBPCreditcard or do you have a BP Visa account?

To check the latest account information and updates here, you can check your gift card and balance by signing into the official website (

To activate and use a BP credit card, you must have a username and password by which you can sign in and use the offered services.